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Inside Out Home Inspection Condo Inspection Services

Knowledge is key to the purchase of any property and especially when the purchase is a strata condo, there are many items to go over and questions to be asked.


Be informed with an Inside Out Home Inspection – contact us today.


Our condo inspections include:

  • Exterior walls/windows/doors

  • Decks/handrails/patio areas

  • Roofing/flashings/chimneys

  • Boiler room of the building, common use

  • Foundation/concrete slabs/structure

  • Interior walls/floors/ceilings/doors

  • Electrical service/wiring type/outlets

  • Plumbing/toilets/sinks/bathtubs

  • Heating system/fireplaces/air conditioners

  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors


We Review the History

We encourage you to read the minutes of the strata council meetings, which will review the history of the building, as far back as you can obtain them, and to highlight any areas of concern, such as water or moisture ingress, roofing concerns, plumbing situations, etc., which can be discussed during the inspection. Also, find out if there have been any engineering reports on the building and obtain a copy (your realtor should help to obtain all documents for review). We then will find out if any work was to be done, as mentioned in the reports, and if it was carried out or tabled for a later date. We will find out and look at any past major upgrades which were done to the building, re-plumbing, rain screening, windows, slab or foundation membrane, roofing, etc.


Overview of the Building

Whether your property is a low-level, wood-frame building or concrete high-rise building, the style, design and exterior finish of the building are all considered, as every building has the potential for a water ingress problem. Has your building had an upgrade as far as being rain screened, or has a water-resistant coating been applied? We have the experience, the background and training to allow you to be informed.


The Report

At the end of the inspection process you will receive a fully detailed report, on site, with all the inspection findings, big or small, and any future considerations to the building.


Serving the Lower Mainland, our inspectors are highly trained in the home inspection industry and are licensed by Consumer Protection BC, members of Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC, British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors, and the Better Business Bureau of BC.

Consumer Protection BC, BCIPI, ASTT, BBB
Serving the Lower Mainland
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