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Vancouver Home Inspection

Homebuyers often make a brief evaluation of a property, noting the location, the layout and the paint color. Serving the entire Lower Mainland and Vancouver, Inside Out Home Inspection offers our clients a complete evaluation of the property, including design, materials used, all mechanics of the home, and its overall condition, with all present and potential problem areas, big or small, noted in a detailed report.


Having this information is key to any large purchase, such as a home or investment property, and it will provide you and your family peace of mind and protection from costly repairs.


Our inspectors are highly trained to provide home inspections in Vancouver and are licensed by Consumer Protection BC, members of Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC, British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors, and the Better Business Bureau of BC.


Pre-Offer Inspection

At certain times of the property market, there may be multiple “bids” on various properties, where there may be two or more clients “bidding” on the same property. Before you possibly bid on a certain property, get the upper hand and information on the property, as far as its overall condition, before you make your dollar amount bid on the property, with a “Pre-Offer Inspection". With this information, you and your realtor may make an educated offer on the property, or perhaps walk away from the property due to certain condition issues. With this “Pre Offer Inspection", the inspector would verbally go over all aspects of the property's condition with the client, which will allow the client to budget the offer, as well as budget for potential future repairs or upgrades, which may be required. The inspector will be saving all relevant notes and pictures during this inspection. Therefore if the client is successful in their bid for the property, a report may be compiled for the client, if desired. With this type of inspection, the client is informed on the properties condition, as well as they would be saving on the initial inspection costs.


Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you’ve found the home of your dreams and are ready to make an offer, WAIT! Before you commit to this life-changing decision based on appearance, location and size, you must have a qualified home inspector perform a thorough, detailed inspection to determine if there are any hidden problems that could cost you untold expenses and endless headaches down the road. This will allow you to make informed decisions, including negotiating repair conditions or a lower purchase price, or foregoing the purchase altogether.


Pre-Listing Inspection

If you’re selling your home and want to get the best return possible, a pre-listing home inspection will allow you to discover and fix any problems with your house before you ever speak to potential buyers. It will also provide you firm ground from which to discuss the features, structural integrity, and overall soundness of your home, which can not only increase the sale value, but also speed up the process.


New Home Deficiency Inspection

A newly built home does not guarantee a flawless home – these projects are large and complex and it can be difficult for even the best builders to oversee every aspect of a new build and ensure a perfect outcome. A new home deficiency inspection provides you the opportunity to have a detailed evaluation of the completed work, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.


Open House Inspection

An "open house" inspection is not a full inspection but a quick walk through. It is an opportunity to view the property with the inspector at your side, allowing you to discuss the property's condition before an offer is made. Get a head start on others who may be interested in the same property. If the property goes into multiple offers, you will know what you are bidding on, saving not only time and money but also giving you a good indication of the condition of the property as possible areas of concern are established.


2-5-10 Warranty Inspection

The 2-5-10 National Home Warranty™ is a warranty that offers protection against undetected defects or poor building practices, covering labour and materials for a limited time after the home purchase.


If you discover a problem with your home, contact the National Home Warranty Department of British Columbia. A professional inspection report will provide documentation of the problem(s) and possibly hasten the repairs.


Consultation Advice

We also give consultation advice to have your questions answered on areas of the home that may be of concern, whether it is an existing situation, future plans with the property, or questionable work that was previously done.


We are now also offering thermal imaging scanning! Be informed with an Inside Out Home Inspection – contact us today.

Consumer Protection BC, BCIPI, ASTT, BBB
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